Post Easter Blues? Why Not Continue the Celebrations…

Can you imagine not being able to spend a special time like Easter with family or friends? Not only is it a time to stuff your face with chocolate without any regrets or excuses, it’s also about being around your loved ones. 56% of women who suffer from Bladder weakness are so worried about their leaks that they avoid any social events, meaning that they are forced to miss out on these special occasions, INNOVO is here to give you the choice of celebrating these special times without having to think twice. This Easter there were plenty of events to attend around the city and in your local community; the most popular being Productions and Easter egg hunts for the kids. The long weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to make the most of this special occasion not only with the kids but to also have some adult time! Some of our favourite things included:

Dirty Martini Easter Choctails

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out just yet! Dirty Martini got into the swing of things by bringing back their annual chocolate cocktail drinks menu from the 3rd of April to the 30th, so you still have 2 weekends to celebrate Easter! “Cocktails are obviously the greatest thing in the world, but we think chocolate comes a very close second…And it seems like you guys agree: our iconic Chocolate Martini is only getting more popular, with 47,516 sipped in 2015 and a whopping 50,590 in 2016. Yep, we did the maths: that equates to over TEN THOUSAND LITRES of chocolate heaven!”

Easter Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch is always that little bit more special on an Easter Sunday, that’s why a lot of us avoid cooking and look for the best places to go out and enjoy a nice meal with the family. No worries or stress about having to do any of the cooking or cleaning for yourself, we all deserve a break after all! Some of us may even prefer to stay in the comfort of our own homes and spend some time cooking with the kids. The greatest thing of all is the fact that a lot of us have the choice to do what we prefer. For the women who suffer from regular leaks, the thought of having an accident in public takes away this option and makes them feel as if they must avoid leaving the house, even if it’s to spend time with their loved ones. If this is you and you want to have that choice, take action.

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Experience on the London Eye 

This luxurious experience speaks for itself, if you’re going to stuff your face with chocolate, you may as well go all out! This long Easter weekend was a great opportunity for you to spend time with your partner, but if you didn’t get a chance to, why not visit one of the most popular attractions in the world for a once in a lifetime experience which includes the following (and plenty more):

  • Chocolate and truffle tasting with Hotel Chocolat ambassador
  • Two glasses of Prosecco
  • Two 30-minute rotations
  • Take-home Hotel Chocolat goodie bag

Chocolate, prosecco and a goodie bag from one of the most famous British chocolatiers, what better way to spend time with your partner?

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