Christmas Competition

INNOVO®’s 12 Days of Christmas

Over the next 12 days, a quiz question will be uploaded to the website every day with three possible answers. The questions will also be posted on our Facebook page. Only one answer is correct per question. If all questions are answered correctly, you will be able to join all the letters after the last question on 12.12.2017 to reveal our hidden Christmas phrase. Among all participants, we are giving away 1x INNOVO® training device and 1x wellness package.

How to enter
To participate in INNOVO®’s 12 Days of Christmas competition make sure you are liking our Facebook page (we will be checking!) and send us what you think the hidden phrase is via our Facebook page Private message here. Good luck!

How many perfect contractions are enabled by INNOVO per session?
(L) 90
(H) 180
(T) 360


What does INNOVO train?
(E) biceps
(O) pectoral muscles
(A) pelvic floor

What is the function of the pelvic floor?
(S) to keep you safe from viruses
(R) to be able to give birth
(P) to control when you urinate

Why is a healthy strong pelvic floor important?
(T) to improve your immune system
(P) to improve sexual activity
(H) to improve weight loss

Can men also have a weak pelvic floor?
(Y) yes, especially after a radical prostatectomy
(R) no, because they don`t have pelvic floor muscles
(M) no, because their pelvic floor stays strong no matter what happens

How many men suffer from bladder weakness?
(C) 3 in 5
(X) 1 in 3
(H) 1 in 10

What is NOT a common cause of bladder weakness
(A) pregnancy
(O) diabetes
(I) menopause

In what instance should you definitely NOT use INNOVO®?
(L) if you have a pacemaker
(B) if you are experiencing menopause
(D) if you are very active

What does INNOVO do to your pelvic floor muscles?
(F) massages your muscles
(G) nothing it trains other muscles
(I) stimulates your muscles with electrical impulses

Why is it worth using INNOVO®?
(D) because it treats the cause of bladder weakness
(S) because you won’t have back pain again
(N) because you get a six-pack

What are the three most common forms of bladder weakness?
(A) stress incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence
(E) nerve incontinence, bladder incontinence, prostate incontinence
(I) dribble incontinence, strong incontinence, weak incontinence

Who can use INNOVO®?
(R) only women
(C) children
(Y) both men and women

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